Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breakfast Burritos

While living at my mom's house last year during our house disaster this is what I made everyone for breakfast on April Fool's Day. Yes the above picture is just scrambled eggs with food coloring. I tried to make it look like ground turkey. My kids are used to that around our house. When my oldest woke up I told him we were having dinner for breakfast. He was not happy and still a little sleepy. After he took the first bite he didn't like it. Then I told him it was just eggs, so he took another bite. He said it still didn't taste that good but he finished it anyways. My other kids thought it was fun and liked the joke and so did the rest of my family that was living there at the time. I hope this Sunday you'll have fun with it. Happy Early April Fool's!

April Fool's Breakfast Burritos

Rice milk
Red, green, and orange food coloring
Whole wheat or brown rice tortillas
Cheese, shredded

Whisk eggs and a little milk together with a few drops of each of the food coloring. If the color isn't just right add a few more drops, but not too much. Pour mixture into a hot pan on the stove. Continue scrapping the bottom of the pan until the eggs are completely cooked through. Arrange eggs, salsa or ketchup, and cheese in tortilla to look like a normal burrito. Serve and enjoy!!

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