Monday, March 12, 2012

Shamrock Pancakes

WOW!! that little break turned into a HUGE break! I'm glad to be back. I've been doing lots in the kitchen, more mishaps than anything else but that's okay because when you finally get a recipe right you know it's got to be good. :]

So in Lu of St. Patrick's Day, which is this Saturday, I thought I would should you what I do every year for breakfast. I've seen a bunch of other things on pinterest that are really cute, But I think I'll still stick with the shamrock shaped ones. They're just so cute!

Shamrock Pancakes


Go here for pancake recipe or use your favorite pancake recipe


When everything is mixed together put about 5 drops of green food coloring into batter. You can add more or less if you want to. It depends on how green you would like them.

Making the shamrock shape

Use a large spoon. Fill it will batter. Drop a circle of batter down on the griddle and pull down to the left center. Then with more batter, drop another circle of batter off to the left of the first circle and pull some down to the right center. This should make a small heart shape. Repeat action on both sides of your first little heart and finish with a little tail coming from the middle of each of the heart shape and pulling down. Now you have your shamrock. It will take a few tries and if you need to go a little slower, turn the temperature of your griddle down a little so the first little heart shape won't cook so quickly. Once you've got the action down it goes really quick.

Have a fun and healthy St. Patrick's Day!!


  1. Cute idea! I was wondering how to make shamrocks without having to cut them out with a cookie cutter.

  2. These look amazing. I try to replace all other oils/butter in cooking with coconut oil. I was amazed when I found a list of health benefits to using virgin coconut oil ( I would love if more of your recipes included virgin coconut oil in them ;)